At Earl R. Whaley & Company, our singular commitment is to the community banker.

In 1978, recognizing the specialized needs of community banks, Earl R. Whaley, Sr., an insurance executive with 21 years of experience serving bankers, established Earl R. Whaley & Company. Initially offering credit insurance to banks, two years later, we added collateral protection.
Founded on the principles of genuine service, we apply our knowledge of banking to provide products and their delivery in a manner that is efficient and valuable to our clients. We were a pioneer in reinsurance – the concept of community banks cooperatively owning the reinsurance company and thereby sharing in the profits of their loan insurance products.


We are the managing general agents for several carriers. Our systems, our software, our approach to service are driven by community banking needs. Our officers are professionals with advanced degrees in insurance.
At the request of our customers, Earl R. Whaley & Company added two subsidiaries: CenterPoint Flood Services in 1998 and Worldwide Car Club in 1999.
Through our first quarter century of business, Earl R. Whaley & Company has maintained our focus to be the professional partners for your banking insurance needs.

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